Webinar: Trial-Based Cognitive Therapy — a Novel Approach to Changing Core Beliefs

This ADAA webinar was presented in June 18, 2015, by Irismar Reis de Oliveira, MD, PhD.

Theater: Franz Kafka in Trial-Based Cognitive Therapy

A hundred years ago, in 1915, Franz Kafka (Augusto Garcia) writes a letter to Prof. Irismar Reis de Oliveira (role-played by himself), asking for help. In the only therapy session they have, Prof. de Oliveira helps Kafka resolve some of his difficulties regarding self-esteem and inability to finish tasks. In this video, Dr. de Oliveira and actor Augusto Garcia simulate Franz Kafka’s psychotherapy.

Interview: Professor de Oliveira Explains Trial-Based Cognitive Therapy

In this interview, Lindsay Simon, from NYC Cognitive Therapy, asks important questions to Professor de Oliveira who explains Trial-Based Cognitive Therapy and how it differs from standard CBT.

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