At the end of this predominantly practical training (workshops 1 through 3), attendees will be able to demonstrate that he/she can:

1) explain the cognitive model, utilizing the 3 levels and 3 phases of the Trial-Based Cognitive Therapy (TBCT) conceptualization diagram;

2) implement and explain the 14 steps of the Intra-personal Thought Record (Intra-TR);

3) implement and explain the 9 steps of the Inter-personal Thought Record (Inter-TR);

4) implement and explain the 7 steps of the Consensual Role-Play (CRP);

5) demonstrate the 7 steps of Trial-Based Thought Record (Trial I) to change one or more core beliefs;

6) demonstrate the 7 steps of the Trial-Based Metacognitive Awareness (Trial II) technique;

7) demonstrate the Participation Grid (PG) in working with events that produce guilt;

8) combine relaxation and the sailboat metaphor.