Question: Who is eligible to be certified?
Answer: Participants must be licensed or have a limited permit as a psychologist, social worker, mental health counselor, psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, or nurse practitioner, LMFT, or they must be currently enrolled in a licensure-qualifying graduate program.
 Question: Must I complete all training levels?
Answer:  No.  Trainees may complete however many levels they desire.  However, to obtain the Certified Trial-Based Cognitive Therapy credential, all levels and the practicum must be completed.
Question: Can I skip a level to get to information I’m really interested in?
Answer:  No.  Each level builds upon the knowledge gathered from previous levels.  The training is as systematic as the therapeutic approach.
Question: How is my knowledge assessed? 
Answer: Trainees who wish to become certified will complete role-play demonstrations for each of the techniques taught during the workshops. The role-play will be evaluated in real-time by one of the workshop instructors.
Question: Are continuing education contact hours provided?
Answer: Each level provides 15 contact hours upon successful completion. For more information regarding CEs, please, visit the R. Cassidy Seminars website.
Question: Do I need to do anything to maintain my certification, like earn continuing education credits?
Answer:  No.  We encourage continuing education, but it is not required.
Question: Is supervision provided by TBCT Institute?
Answer: Yes. Donna Sudak and Noah Clyman are the only certified TBCT supervisors in the USA. Please, click here to know more about supervision.